Ramon Road Widening

Palm Springs, CA


City of Palm Springs


4,700 l.f.



MSA Consulting, Inc. provided the engineering design services for the Ramon Road Bridge Widening Project Study Report (PSR). The project entails the widening from 4 lanes to 6 lanes of 2,600 LF of existing street and 2100 LF of the existing Ramon Bridge over the Whitewater River Storm Channel. MSA responsibilities include the field survey/topographic mapping, existing utility research/coordination, right-of-way research/plotting, preliminary roadway drainage/hydrology calculations, preparation of the Geometric Approval Drawings (GAD), and preliminary costs estimates of the project site. Three separate GAD were provided including preliminary cost estimates for each. The project application for funding was successful and is currently in the Project Approval and Environmental Document (PA&ED) phase. The local roadway improvement project widening Ramon Road from San Luis Rey Drive to Landau Boulevard, including widening of the Ramon Road Bridge at the Whitewater River in the City of Palm Springs and City of Cathedral City entails a 6-lane divided Major Thoroughfare and a 6- lane divided Arterial Highway in accordance with Palm Springs and Cathedral City’s General Plans.

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