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Congratulations to Jesus

Jesus met the education, training, experience and testing requirements to become a Certified Professional in Storm Water Quality (CPSWQ #1173) and a California Qualified SWPPP Developer/Practitioner (QSD/QSP #26933). This effort required extensive training and over 8 hours of testing. Based on the current registry, he is the only individual with the CPSWQ credential residing in the Coachella Valley and one of only 237+/- certified stormwater quality professionals in the State of California. The QSD/QSP credential is a separate certification that allows him to write and implement SWPPP documents in California.

The field of stormwater quality is growing very rapidly in California and is now closely tied to water supply and groundwater management plans. The CPSWQ is rigorous credential recognized by the State of California covering all challenging stormwater quality issues, including regulatory requirements, stormwater capture, LID, watershed hydrology,  pollutant quantification/treatment, and implementation of construction, municipal and industrial stormwater programs. Jesus stated it best “I want our team to lead the way in this challenging field within and outside of the Coachella Valley.”

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