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Featured Employee – Diana Diaz

MSA’s featured employee is Diana Diaz.

In 2003, Diana Diaz joined MSA as our receptionist.  Equipped with her extraordinary people skills, sunny disposition and the ability to multi-task, Diana quickly grew into other roles at MSA.  She now serves as our Project Administrator for our Production Department. With 14 years of experience, Diana works closely with the engineering team and Project Managers to ensure timely submittals and updates of plans and documents with local agencies, cities, and clients.  She also monitors all of MSA’s current engineering projects and their submittal status in order to effectively provide updates to clients and Project Managers.  This is a vital component to meeting client deadlines and their project completion dates.

After hours, Diana’s job of multitasking doesn’t end.  She is the mother of four kids, sons Caleb (10) and Levi (8), and daughters Shayla (4) and Leah (2).  She and her husband Armando keep busy with plenty of family outings and beach trips in the summer.

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