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Featured Employees – Jack and Sandy Fox

For the month of February, MSA would like to feature Jack and Sandy Fox. As they celebrate 20 years together this month, together they have been with MSA for a combined 55 years.

Sandy Fox joined MSA’s administrative group in 1980 and has been a key staff member for over three decades, providing direction to the Administrative Team to ensure exemplary support for MSA’s executive staff, technical departments and our Clients. As Executive Assistant to the President, Ms. Fox provides Administrative support to Bob Smith, assisting in day-to-day management issues of the office under his direction.

Jack Fox came on board at MSA in 1999 with his prowess in marketing and has been the head of our Dry Utility Department since its inception in 2001. Mr. Fox coordinates between developer and public agencies to bring utility services to new residential and commercial development.
His research involves many aspects such as utility abandonments, relocations and design coordination services for local power, telephone, cable and gas and coordinating with the U.S. Bureau of Reclamation on irrigation delivery lines throughout the Coachella Valley.

Jack and Sandy enjoy cooking, entertaining and spending time with their family, including seven grandkids. They also enjoy spending time outdoors camping, hiking and exploring various beaches and lakes.  Jack is an avid golfer and on weekends you can find him at one of the many golf courses in the Valley. While Sandy’s time with family is her greatest joy, she also loves to relax with a good mystery novel.

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