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Veterans Day – Cathedral City Healing Field

Today we honor our Veterans and give thanks for their service, support and sacrifice for our nation. The 11th Annual Healing Field at Patriot Park in Cathedral City is a wonderful tribute to our Veterans. Special thanks to our very own Doug Redlin and the local California Land Surveyors Association (CLSA) Desert Chapter volunteers. They along with other local organizations and volunteers gave their time to help set up for this years display. Each year approximately 5k-6k flags are set up in remembrance of Fallen Heroes and Home Town Heroes.

We would also like to acknowledge our own employees or their family members that served or are currently serving our Country. Thank you for protecting our freedoms.

Jack Fox
Nicole Vann
Alena Harlingten
U.S. Marines Corps
Vietnam Vet. 1969-1972
Adam A. Vann,
U.S. Army, National Guard 1991-1995 (husband)
Joe Thomas, U.S. Navy
1943-1944 (Invasion of Normandy and the Invasion of Southern France) (grandfather)
Bridgette Rowe
Marvin Roos
Jaime San Agustin
Kaitlin Florez, U.S. Coast Guard
2013 – Present (Sister)
Joshua Florez, U.S. Coast Guard
2012 – Present (Brother in-law)
Robert Ptacnik, U.S. Air Force
1958 – 1960 (Grandfather)
Hugh Rowe, U.S. Air Force
1980 – 1985 (Uncle)
Tony Mc Klin, U.S. Navy
1957-1971 (Vietnam vet.) (Great-Uncle)
Narvell Panchot, U.S. Navy
1969-1973 (Vietnam vet.) (Great-Uncle)
Thomas Sanders, U.S. Navy
1978-1982 (Uncle)
David Fikan, U.S. Navy
1991–1998 (Cousin)
Jeff Downey, U.S. Marine Corps
2010-2014 (Cousin)
Alex Roos, U.S. Navy
1944-45 (father)
Fred Roos, U.S. Army Air Corps
1944-45 (uncle)
Eleanor Roos, U.S. Army Nursing Corps
1945 (aunt)
Marie Roos, U.S. Navy
1944-45 (aunt)
Barry Tanner, U.S. Navy
1964-1968 (brother in law)
Rossana San Agustin, U.S. Air Force
8 years (wife)
Jamie San Agustin, Sr. U.S. Navy
22 years (father)
Jeff San Agustin, U.S. Air Force
6 years (brother)
Donato San Agustin, U.S. Navy
22 years (brother)
Reynaldo De Castro, U.S. Navy
20+ years (father in-law)
Donald Schulze
Paul Sepulveda
U.S. Navy 1975-1981
Eric Wilson, U.S. Army
2010 -2014 Active Duty and Reserves 2014-2016 (step son)
Justin Reid Sepulveda, U.S. Army
12 years of service (son)

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