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Featured Employee – Marco Celedon

As a Project Manager at MSA, Marco Celedon is constantly exploring sound solutions that are cost effective and time efficient for our client’s projects. Marco states “The process of solving design and approval challenges on a daily basis is seldom simple or straightforward but our design and support teams constantly interact with each other to explore these design challenges, working to yield phenomenal results for all those involved”. As one of several Registered Professional Engineers at MSA, Marco oversees many of the complicated water and sewer designs.

Born and raised in the Coachella Valley and the second youngest of 6 brothers, Marco attended Saint Mary’s College, earning a Bachelor of Arts in Engineering. He continued on to USC where he completed his Bachelor’s Degree in Civil Engineering. Marco returned to the desert to further his career and has been an asset to MSA for the past 16 years.

Having been raised in the Coachella Valley, Marco enjoys giving back to the community. He has mentored High School students in Architecture, Construction and Engineering fields and has been part of the Thermal Community Council for over 14 years. Recently, he joined fellow MSA staff in donating time to assist in “sweat-equity” family home building for the Coachella Valley Housing Coalition.

When Marco isn’t working on projects at the office or in his community, he has plenty of jobs going on at home. These range from simple gardening to home improvement work that involves welding, power tools or other construction equipment. For more leisurely activities, he enjoys reading, listening to audiobooks and family camping in their RV. His most recent trips were to Yosemite and Yellowstone. Marco, Bertha, his wife of 19 years, have three children. Their oldest, Bella, will be attending Cal Poly Pomona in the fall; daughter Jacky started wrestling and son Adrian will start his second year of tackle football. Marco’s motto to his kids is “they can be anything they want but first, they need to be an engineer”.

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