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Featured Project – Desert Palisades

Now under construction, Desert Palisades is a single family residential community of 110 custom view homes located on approximately 112 acres within the Chino Cone area of the City of Palm Springs. Embracing the strict design edicts set forth in the City’s Chino Cone Ordinance, Desert Palisades offers a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for designers and their clients to create their special vision within a remarkable and unique desert environment—one where each lot is presented in its natural state with native boulder outcroppings and drainage features with most lots abutting untouched open space on one or more sides. Likely the last prestigious view lots in Palm Springs, if not the entire Coachella Valley, MSA’s design chose to honor the site and its attributes, including repurposing the historic Chino Canyon road as a pedestrian path. MSA was involved from the first layout sketches, through preliminary and final engineering. In addition, the firm’s staff crafted an EIR that helped formulate and improve the design and played a major role in the construction administration and utility coordination, demonstrating that a light touch on the land is possible and highly desirable.

Phase 1, consisting of 62 lots in the lower east end of the site, is scheduled for completion at the end of the year and ready for sale in 2016. Phase 2 includes the remaining 42 lots on the upper west end and is currently under construction with grading scheduled for completion by end of year. Construction of the improvements will continue throughout 2016, resulting in a number of streets fully paved and landscaped.

As part of the project, Desert Water Agency is expanding their Tuscany water system by constructing a new 500,000 gallon reservoir and booster station at the southwest corner of the site. The reservoir was tucked into the foot of the mountain and screened from most views. The facility is scheduled for completion late 2016.


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