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About MSA

MSA Consulting, Inc. is the premier Planning, Civil Engineering, and Surveying firm in Southern California, with extensive experience in the Coachella Valley – an area that includes nine cities and a large portion of Riverside County. Serving private developers and public agencies since 1976, MSA is a progressive, innovative firm passionate about producing exceptional work while collaborating successfully with clients and other project team members. The firm’s dedication to and respect for local communities and the environment are tantamount to its core mission.

MSA clients benefit from the firm’s diverse professionals who collaborate to provide a “one-stop shop”.

From initial land surveys and due diligence to construction management and compliance monitoring, MSA boasts the tools and resources necessary to guide projects from start to finish in an efficient and cost-effective manner.

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Civil Engineering

MSA's civil engineering department’s skilled technical design team is responsible for calculations, creative problem solving, conceptual and final design, project management services, and plan processing through agency approval.

Surveying and Mapping

MSA’s professional surveying and mapping team represents the most capable and reliable licensed surveyors, field crews, and office technicians you can find for any land development needs. Our investment in the most sophisticated equipment currently available ensures precision and accuracy that meet or exceed the standards of professional practice on even the most demanding projects.

Dry Utility Coordination

MSA’s dedicated staff has extensive experience working with private developers, local utility agencies, and municipalities. Our project experience includes work on large single-family subdivisions, multi-family residential projects, condominiums, apartments, assisted living facilities, hospitals, schools, and commercial projects including hotels, casinos, and energy-intensive cultivation projects.

Landscape Architecture

Our landscape architecture services cover the life of a development project from initial design to preparation of construction drawings for irrigation and planting. In an age and area emphasizing water conservation, we also successfully respond to established water budgets and meet new Agency water management restrictions.


MSA specializes in physical and policy planning, site design, and entitlement oversight. Our experience draws from extensive work in private sector land development as well as Public Agency contract services.

Environmental Services

MSA offers our clients a full range of environmental services, which are especially important in California’s highly complex regulatory environment. Our practice blends on-the-ground expertise, ranging from the native desert environment to active construction sites, and a diversity of technical applications to achieve agency approvals.

Construction Administration

MSA has the advantage of bringing all the professional benefits from a full-service consulting firm, including excellent organizational and communication skills, out to the field to oversee project construction. With our project experience, technical skills, and attention to detail in mind, MSA clients rest assured that their construction projects receive construction support services of the highest quality and integrity.

Geographic Information Systems

Geographic Information Systems (GIS) is a powerful technology that allows MSA to gather, manage, and analyze data for effective decision-making across all our disciplines. Our responsive staff has a deep understanding and database of our Coachella Valley dynamics to better serve our clients’ needs.

WHY choose MSA?

Our Mission: To collaboratively drive the success of our clients and communities by enhancing the natural and built environment.

MSA’s diverse range of services benefits our clients by providing streamlined coordination, multi-disciplinary expertise, and internal quality control that can only come from a full-service firm. From due diligence to construction management, our services cover the life of a project from start to finish.

We are deeply rooted in the Coachella Valley. MSA was established in 1976 in Valley and has delivered success for our clients within all nine cities and the unincorporated areas of Riverside County. Our extensive knowledge of the Coachella Valley equips our clients with the information and strategies to guide their projects to success. Our love for the Coachella Valley is evident in our day-to-day work and our Force for Good volunteer activities.

In the 44 years since MSA started, we have proudly consulted on well over 2,000 projects. These projects are as varied as they are many! Whether you need services for a residential, commercial, hotel/resort, industrial, or institutional project, allow MSA to put its experience to work for your benefit.

MSA exists to serve our clients. In fact, it’s our mission to drive their success. We best serve our clients by striving for excellence, keeping projects on schedule, and maintaining open lines of communication. We work with clients to ensure the best outcomes for their investment.

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After decades of mutual respect, friendship and professional collaboration, MSA Consulting, Inc. is proud to welcome RGA Landscape Architects, Inc., the Coachella Valley’s leading Landscape Architecture firm, to our team.

This exciting partnership officially launched in January when MSA Consulting acquired RGA, a Palm Desert-based firm with a 40-year history serving the Coachella Valley.  We have successfully developed a transition plan with RGA President/Founder Ron Gregory and his staff, all of whom joined us at MSA’s Rancho Mirage headquarters to collaborate as RGA Landscape Architects, a Design Studio of MSA Consulting, Inc.

The partnership enables MSA to add full-service Landscape Architecture to an expanded menu of in-house services and better serve our clients with streamlined project management. RGA clients will benefit from the same level of expert service that has shaped RGA’s reputation for over 40 years, with the additional resources that MSA provides.


RGA Landscape Architects is now a part of MSA Consulting, Inc.